The digital advent of K-Insurance

With the pandemic came a new sense of purpose for business – namely to shift into the digital world. Our insurance department was no different. For a long time, insurance companies were not taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. In terms of “customer focus”, this was a wake-up call for the industry. While, prior to this, the majority of the insurance industry had, for decades, been sure of their customer base, this foundation of successful sales began increasingly to waver. The change has been slow and its adaptation difficult, and the advantages offered by digitalization have slowly come into play.

Keeping the ever-changing needs of our policy holders in mind, K-Insurance took on a new challenge. Digitizing our process to allow customers to access information, taking out new policies, managing existing ones, comparing different providers and reporting on accidents along claiming insurance – all of it should now be done in the palm of your hand.

Our new website allows customers to shop for Insurance with a few simple clicks, all the while keeping the assured easy of mind that comes with direct communication with our sales team. Be it motor, or fire, or even golf Insurance, getting you set up is now easier than ever. We took to social media with a storm, updating our customers and followers of the latest news and promotions that they can take advantage of.

We continue to develop our online presence and services, and we invite you to join the journey with us. Let us know your suggestions and reviews on Facebook, keep up to date on our promotions with Instagram, use our new website to get all your insurance needs sorted, be it individual or group based. We aim to be second to none, in providing you with the most efficient service and customer satisfaction.

You know where to find us!